The Virtual Studio

Gil’s Virtual Studio is a Unity3D application and platform that allows listeners to virtually experience the artist’s multi-channel sound work. It is a virtual space where audio sources (the virtual equivalent of speakers) can be added and placed to the piece’s needs. A pre-recorded version of a piece is set to be played through these sources. The listener can navigate through the virtual space by using a computer keyboard and mouse, and can listen to how the focus of the audio mix changes according to their position and orientation within the virtual environment.

The first works that will be presented in the Virtual Studio will be translations of pieces made by Gil for actual spaces. The platform make the works accessible to anybody with a computer, internet connection and headphones, extending an invitation to those interested in the works that are not able to attend to the venue where the work is presented.

This new, inclusive experience is by no means intended as a substitute to the physical presentation of the work, which has a listening context not yet accurately reproducible with current technology.

Full-range professional headphones are highly recommended.