Rupture: Material Landscape

Picture: Richard Garet.

Presented at Issue Project Room on December 10th, 2010.

Richard Garet’s Rupture: Material Landscape consists of a single video channel, presenting a moving image piece originating from treated and processed 16mm film. Accompanying the moving image presentation Garet prepared an aleatoric sonic system based on sounds recorded from processed and modified audiocassette tapes. Garet invited Wolfgang Gil, a programmer and sound artist, to execute the aleatoric system with Max/MSP and Gil’s custom-made software Roctor. Gil will distribute Garet’s sonic material throughout the overhead multichannel audio system during the presentation of the footage. Garet also invited, as a special guest, interdisciplinary artist Bonnie Jones to contribute to the piece with live text and voices, which Wolfgang Gil will also be spatializing throughout the overhead multichannel sound system.