Rotation – Transatlantic Feedback

Cielo Club 18 Little West 12th St
New York, NY 10014
Spinnereistr. 7
04179 Leipzig

Left: Gill Arnó. Right: Kenneth Kirschner

mit / with: Gill Arno (NY), Daniel Fischer (L), Patrick Franke (L), Wolfgang Gil (NY), Kenneth Kirschner (NY), CFM (L), Daniel Neumann (NY), Keiko Uenishi (NY) and Chris Weinheimer (L)

The gallery hours of ASPN in Leipzig, Germany, will be shifted to Eastern Standard Time.
There will be a parallel event between Cielo, a night club in New York City and ASPN gallery. Over the course of 6 hours an audio stream will be established between the two locations.

In NYC, the performers listed above will use microphones placed inside Cielo – a night club, which is usually closed at this hour – and produce a mix of room sounds and processed sounds, which is streamed to Leipzig. The narrative will be centered around an empty, unused night club.

The performers in Leipzig (listed above) will simultaneously be mixing and processing their microphones, which are installed inside ASPN. The mix from Leipzig gets sent back to NYC and will be played through Cielo’s sound system. Feedback occurs because the microphones in each location, will also partly pick up the sounds from the other location playing through the speakers.

All performers will play in rotation over the course of 6 hours and an audience can witness the trans-atlantic dialogue at both locations, during this time period.