Riley/Gil: Reactive Homeostasis @ Harvestworks, NYC (May, 2011)

Sunday, May 8 at 6:30pm and 7pm Harvestworks
596 Broadway, #602
New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212-431-1130

The result of a yearlong shared investigation between sound artist Wolfgang Gil and video artist Justin Riley, Reactive Homeostasis, generates interactive conversations through technology. Together the artists are developing an audio-visual system where both mediums are interconnected in a continuous feedback loop. This constant state of feedback between mediums imprints a chaotic character into the system, which becomes a third agent operating on its own; a digital Frankenstein monster. Searching for a stable equilibrium, Gil and Riley attempt to control the ratio of tension and release throughout their multi-media dialogue in order to keep the ‘monster’ within the desired boundaries while improvising an exchange of computer-generated sound and generative video immersing the audience in an environment of organic transforming projections and multichannel sound. Ultimately, the performance will push the boundaries of collaboration between human and machine, through a synthesis of audio and visuals.