Point Play at Diapason Gallery

POINT PLAY curated by Nisi Jacobs:
Octophonic Installations by Michael J. Schumacher, Richard Garet, Adam Kendall, Wolfgang Gil

POINT PLAY invites four artists (Schumacher, Garet, Kendall, and Gil) to compose individual works through an interaction with Wolfgang Gil’s ROctoR (Real-time Octophonic Router), a new custom software instrument designed for multi-channel sound diffusion. Enabling the creation of 8-channel soundscape compositions based on prerecorded or live sound, ROctor allows the ability to dynamically assign sounds to a selected set of speakers, and transition seamlessly to subsequent configurations, simulating the sensation of physical movement in space. In Schumacher’s work Sledge, for example, the composer spatializes sounds from sources such as

“films, including The Exorcist, The Sentinel, The Dungeonmaster and The Birds / Arp, EMS and Buchla synthesizers / poet Bruce Andrews imitating the sounds of another of the composer’s installations / workers hanging a theatrical curtain / a wooden toy car / a skipping CD / stones tossed into a lake / the composer playing guitar / a Ferrari.”

The cycle of sound works from the four artists plays each Saturday of December on the 8-channel ROctoR system in the Gallery room at Diapason for extended immersive listening.