Aural Fields III

Wood and fabric. Diameter: 70”, Depth: 15”. Custom playback system.

The Aural Fields series is composed of multiple geometric sculptures of different sizes, shapes, materials, and finishes, hosting an embedded multichannel sound system. Each sculpture is accompanied by an ever-changing sound composition created specifically for it.

The sculptures’ specifications — weight, size, and shape — emphasize the spatial quality of the sounds generated from within. At the same time, these sounds highlight the sculptures’ dimensions as they get stretched throughout the sculptures’ panels, sonically illuminating its edges. The tight relationship between the sculptures and their sounds is explored over time.

The intricate combination of sounds and their movements produce spatial patterns. By focusing one’s attention on the area these sounds are coming from, audience members will be able to trace the location of these sounds over time, allowing them to experience volumes forming and moving in space — volumes whose contours cannot be seen, but only heard.