Aural Fields

3D rendering by John Heida.

Aural Fields is a black, heavy-looking, lushly painted monolithic sculpture hung against the wall. Its front-facing side is made of a sonic transparent/visually opaque black fabric – tightly stretched – which covers a multi-channel speaker system hosted inside the sculpture, pointing outwards.

The sculpture’s affordances, its weight, size, and shape, emphasize the spatial quality of the field of sound generated from within. Audience members are invited to look up, down, left, and right as they stand in front of the piece, changing their orientation allows them to understand the spatial detail inherent in the work.

The aural fields are comprised of minute, discrete, yet unified sonic events, carefully diffused throughout the sculpture’s frontal plane. By tracing these sounds’ locations over time, by focusing one’s attention to where in the plane these minute sounds are coming from, audience will experience aural spatial patterns. These patterns produce temporal, scultoric volumes that can only be heard (not seen).